Khamis, 5 Mac 2009


Oh my god its been so long...I last update this blog..mesti Wani ngan Cek Yah heran kenapa kak Pah dah tak update lagi blog ni...kenapa ek? Entah...munkin banyak sangat benda yang berlaku macam2lah dari nak close to divorce sampai baik balik, pas tu perang balik....pas tu baik balik...tapi kelakarlah...marriage aku ni...aku ngan laki aku bukan macam laki-bini macam kawan2 ala2 skandal jer....

Apalah kesudahannya perkahwinan aku ni?....But one thing for sure..I spend too much time and effort dwelling around my marriage , absorbed sangat...sampai tak sempat nak buat menda-menda lain. My sister in law pun comment that I have not paid much attention to her and her children...hhuhhu "Sorry Kak Ira, tak sengaja"

Talk about financial as always Mummy and Lid have always been my talian hayat. Ya Allah they are the best parents in the world not because they always bail me out but they do it and tak kecoh2 them so much.

As for work, its been one year...macam tak percaya....things are pretty much the same in Celcom Careline. Whats different is my perception and how now I'm able to "deal with it..." and "move with the flow". Love all my friends Juju, Zarina, Acik, Liza (sama nama), Shima, Suraya, Zura, Miza. Zulaina...and my ska****...oops ..terlebih sudah...tak der lahhhhh friend2 only maaa. I love it here. It feels like I'm been given a 2nd chance in life. And whats more being around young people is great for the "awet muda"...

Till next new motto New Love, New Life ... (all new-new lah)