Isnin, 27 Disember 2010


Ohhh dear in 5 days, the end of 2010. Gosh me so old huuhuhuh life is still a mess, but a lovely mess house still looks terrible like a train went through it 5000 times..I still hate to clean up and sweep and mop, I 'm still a lousy cook but guess what despite all the mess and chaos (betul ke eja)  I'm  still able to have the time of my life.... Oh but i have been faithful the whole year..wowwwwwwww. Still not yet pregnant... emmmmm...I have a new fascination in life though ...death..used to be I associate death with kubur and pocong and hantu ..and hell..for bad people like me..and heaven ...for good people like mummy and lid..and my mother in law..Now I think of death all the time.. especially when my cousin Ramzi was murdered. I am thinking life is a journey and  death is the final  destination..some people reached there faster than others and in many different ways. And sometimes the journey ends unexpectedly like my cousin Ramzi. When one is nearing the end and at his last breath what was in his mind, did he feel pain or calm??? Some say when you are dying your whole life flashes in front of you..very deep but very fascinating nevertheless the very Gothic and underworld like. This year is definitely better than last year..I'm still broke now and then but its been six months since I last asked my rich father for money. My hutang also now less. much no hutang is richness in  itself...the feeling of freedom is delicious. I still like to watch cartoons and movies lots of what a lousy and insignificant  life..but I LOVE IT..At work its so not so much better from the 9 boys and girls now left 3 only, the rest all gone ... but got new ones lah.. next time i story. Follow ala ala cam  cerita Lovely Bones ...My name is Sharifah. I am near 40 but still looking fabuloussssss I am still alive but only so much. I wish all of you a long and happy life ahead..Happy Early New Year.