Ahad, 27 November 2011

I am the class clown (Saya seorang badut dalam kelas)

 I have thought about this matter for about a week now. I really want to write about this experience cos its a pretty interesting self revelation. Well I have lived almost 40 years (kertu) , I have only realized that others like to make fun of me and naturally laughing at my "antics" and clown-like behavior . Well.. I like to make gestures and talk funny. But sometimes I was not intentionally being funny like at that time I was doing a presentation and was struggling with the my lap top and the projector and the others did not help but were busy making fun of me. But I kept my cool and went on ..At 1st I was a little bit bothered but when I thought  and thought some more I decided that me being an object of fun and laughter for others is not bad at all but great actually. For me I believe two ways to look at this. One, people have low self esteem and to feel good about themselves , they need to  put others down or,  two, I was really so  funny that people can't help but laugh. Either way, I was helping people by making them laugh and feel happy. So I am happy too. People can't say that I am a boring personlah  hahahah .

Saya seorang badut menjadi bahan gelak ketawa orang lain. Tapi biarlah kita buat orang gelak dari buat orang sedih, sakit hati dan sakit jiwa. Biar kita membawa kegembiraan pada orang dari membawa duka nestapa. Biar kita jadi lilin yang membakar diri untuk kebaikkan orang lain...wahhhhhhhh cek nam sangat mulia sekali..tapi fikirkan kebenarannya..

Live to inspire, live to love life, live with passion, live happily!!!