Sabtu, 3 Disember 2011

Love, Love and Love (Sayang, sayang dan sayang)

Here's my secrets to be happy and enjoying my life though I have quite a crappy life (please refer to previous post):

1) I take joy in every little things that I do such as driving car, going out with Mummy and Lid (my father) , playing with my cats, watching tv , reading news papers, eating my favourite food, hang out and gossiping with my best friend Nina, listening, watching to you tube and SLEEPING are among my favourite activities. I make sure that I feel the maximum joy and happiness. Most important remember to do stuff you enjoy most everyday.
2) Love, love and love. I just love anyone that I want to. I don't expect anything from that persons just love "them" of cozlah mostly I would love guys lah and my best friend Nina who happens to be a she male. What is the logic to this craziness. If you just fill your heart with love and not anger and hate, wouldn't you be more happy. I am not referring to adultery or scandalous relationships cos there's no relationships involved. This is so much more fun also cos there's no responsibility, commitment , accountability, no dating , no pressure to have sex and therefore no guilt. Just feeling inside the heart only for some one. And the best part you can stop to love him any time you want. Hah so easy right. But I will not recommend this for people with very unstable mind cos then they will cause havoc in other peoples life if they become obsess with the other party.

To be continued cos having lunch with my husband...weird right....????