Isnin, 12 Disember 2011

Kawan kah manusia seperti ini? (Friends?)

Hari Jadi semalam ingatkan tenang dan aman. Maklumlah Hari Ahad should be santai. Tenangkah? Mostly ok. Ramai yang wish through sms , facebook, face to face (family). Rata-rata kebanyakkan (boleh kata hampir semua) memang memberi kata-kata positif. Tapi terselit gak komen-komen yang agak negatif. Ini yang aku cam pelik. Manusia-manusia ni faham ke apa konsep maraikan ulang tahun seseorang...adakah kita nak bagi dia gembira atau kita nak buat dia kecik hati atau sedih. Setakat remark cam selamat hari tua ke tu I don't mind alah memang dah hakikat. Tua tapi still menawan ahakssssss.  Tapi yang kata buang tebiat (why?? Apa purpose) and then the same person attacked me again by saying I'm kekwat. Rasa cam pelik. Dia tak pernah tegur aku sebelum ni dan aku tak pernah ganggu hidup dia aleh-aleh tunggu bday aku untuk attack aku..MOTIFFFFFFF???

Thanks to kawan-kawan yang wish happy besday termasuk yang nak wish tapi cakap yang lain cam Miszy Jay , yang remind saya dah tua Hang Out dan yang kata saya dah buang tebiat aikk sapa tah..anyways I am happy to have known all of you muahhhhhhhhhhhhh...Live Happy!!!!
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    •  Kak Pah sejak jd TL kekwat, blom lg jd OM.. X ingat time sama2 gelak ketawa n sedih msa jwb call dlu..
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Sometimes I just don't understand the motivation of some people. You would think that on a joyous occasion like birthdays, people would say good and positive things to you and be part of the celebration right. Well most people do fit into that concept except for one person. Maybe its the age thing making me melancholy but I doubt that. Seriously I am not that sensitive. 
For this person, we used to be colleagues about 2 years back. I wouldn't say that we were close friends but we did get along. However even at that time she was already taking every opportunity that comes her way to say nasty things and putting me down mostly publicly or in plain Malay word "kutuk" or "carut" and she never holds back on her range of vocabulary. I was like I could play her game, seriously I could take her out easily just based on her looks only. One man (that I know oflah)  actually had run away after seeing her without her make up.   but I did not have the heart to do it because I know deep down she was a total mess and she was so vulnerable and craving for attention.  I just don't understand why she felt so threatened by me. We did not run in the same circle. We had  totally different lives.
A little bit sad part I  actually had  compassion for her and there were times we were laughing together, so I just let it go. But I see now she had never let go and  that she still carries that animosity towards me. Pity we could really be good friends. 
Ok , never mind ,  that's that. I have unload my crappy feelings for this creature and now ready to move on with my life.
    • If I would want to tell her something..I would just say ...

      "Dear , Get A Life and live happy. Love your self. And learn to say nice things to other people sometimes for a change."