Jumaat, 2 Disember 2011

Me, My kind of crappy life, My crappy marriage, Guess What ..I actually am quite happy

Well as some of you would know I have a weird marriage almost non-existent actually. My life is actually quite messy lah like my house. Some people like me some hate me. I don't have any creative bone so much so I don't know how to clean, sew, knit, sweep, cook and so and so. So I make a very lousy wife, sister in law and of coz daughter in law. My husband says I am spoiled and selfish. No wonder he hates me. Sometimes I hate him also. But we are still together how weird is that? We are not actually together just not separate. Some times I think I still love him and I wonder if he is keeping me as his wife to punish me. Well maybe someday I will make that trip to the Pejabat Agama. So busylah now. No time at all.
Having said all this any one would think I would cry and cry like a typical malay wife in the cerekarama or malay movie but nope not for me. I am quite happy actually. Oh dear  he just sent me sms asking if I would be coming home. So weird...