Khamis, 26 Januari 2012

I am so fuc**** mad!!!!!! (was cos I am not mad any more)

I have a bad temper. But I have learned to control it cause I hate being angry and feeling like shit..But because of one stupid person who thinks that pranking is so funny I have been angry the whole fuc**ng day. .I don't even remember the last time I am feeling this angry!!!.
I have great sense of humour and being a clown myself I can appreciate a few laughs here and there but guys timing please ...please not when you are so stretched to the limits and I already knowing it was a prank and telling him please this is urgent I really need assistance .. btut you would think that he would stop being an idiot . Helll   nooooooooooooo!!! He kept on even convincing another person who is actually a very sweet gal to continue the stupid prank. which I was fully aware and I was  certain they were too.So I just hung up the phone. Its not even a personal phone line. I was calling the fuck**ng pool phone...I am simply never going to speak to this person ever again unless really necessary. So he can just go and jump off the cliff something...Hell I don' t care!t

Then I saw "him" a river flowing trough fire..but the fire was too nope seeing him did not work ..well maybe for little while..ohhh ok thinking of him actually put a smile on my ...I think I am going to be fine..haaaa I am actually laughing to myself already ...Oh GOD am I going insane.??? Ok better crazy than angry....Damn!!!!!!!

Note: "him" is not the person who pranked me , its another guy..ok this is so weird... I'm going to stop adding on to this post cause I am going insane from feeling all that rage (which by the way had subsided)..!

ok just a little bit more..this insaneness is the reason I create this blog in the 1st place so I have a channel to let all the shittiness out from my system..just so every one understand by nature I am not evil just when I got mad with something or someone ...So when I get mad I blog. and .for this entry alone, I had amended or add about 25 times and so the anger just melts ok I really am going to stop now..

I love life even when I'm feeling shit Dam!