Isnin, 5 Disember 2011

Don't know what title to give

ok now as at 10.05 p.m 5th Dec 2011 continue back...actually today is my wedding anniversary for sure one my hubby does not remember. I had quite a full and not so pleasant day at the office or rather at class cos I am in Training at work.
Again I was being the target for ridicule because I was a little bit slow in class. Is it the age factor...noooooooooooooooo I will not accept it. I actually told the trainer, before I never have to do myself someone will do things for me. He said "Like that cannot become Managerlah"  I was like aioyooo Managers got do everything themselves is it? Get real!
Some more he called me lembab (slow) . I was like '''Fu** You" man ( in side my heartlah hehheh  almost said out loud) but i kept my cool. Haaa I was a little bit lembab cos by nature I am lazy person always taking easy way if can hahaahah. Work smart right. No mistake I also work hard. Not all the time short cut sometimes long cut also got.
Oh by the way that guy who I wrote about before the one that I scolded for saying I watch You Tube only while my project partner works hard, well he is still annoying me with his "dumb" jokes especially when I did or said something wrong in class or where ever. Still thinking should I just trash him out..emmm tomorrow only I will decide.
Now I feel much better cos I already get everything out. Despite all these, I am  feeling happy you know. I know I'm crazy. That's who I am. People who know me either love me or hate me. Cos I tend to bring out the best and the worst in other people. I only hope not too many people hate me. Not good to have many people cursing at you right, bad aura.
Damn! I still don't know what title to give to this post.