Isnin, 5 Disember 2011

Why I share all the shitty details

Please excuse my language. That the reason why mostly I'm blogging in English cos cursing in Malay would have a more severe impact on the hearing sense. Oklah just to remind us all.  IT'S NOT A GOOD THING TO CURSE AND USE FOUL LANGUAGE. Please avoid cursing at all costs ok boys and girls. Right...Booooorrrrringggggggggg. I only curse here in this blog cos this is my space, my sanctuary where I can be myself and thrash out all the shit and crap from my system.
Actually I'm quite a courteous person. I don't like to hurt peoples feelings intentionally and I always try to say nice things to people.  Always in what ever situation  I like to think of the bright side. Only if people "carik Pasal" or  finding fault or attack me for no reason and then I will kow kow give to them. You want to know what I am capable of giving, you are welcome to try. But if later you feel like commiting suicide, please don't blame me for not warning you.
If you happen to read this blog and discover that you are the topic of my shitty discussion, please don't kill me ok..Just like my friend said "Just Joking only" hehehehehh  (at that time I feel like putting my foot in his mouth)...ooops sorry so UN-lady like of me...yeah rightttttttttttt.